Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On being Claire

I've never worked in the city before.  I've never wanted to, nor did I envy those who did. I do drink in the city though. I love the place. Sydney city is beautiful.

I now have the luxury of working, for a short stint, right on Circular Quay.  For those of you who have never seen the sun hit the sails of Sydney's Opera House, you must make the trip.  If you have not walked across the harbour bridge and seen the glisten of the harbour on a spring day, you must make the effort to do so.  If you have not wandered the bay of the botanic gardens...

I do this walk a few times a week, it's the luxury of working in the city, amongst the people who bustle around like ants, their heads in blackberries, shuffling their feet along.  Then there's me, chin in the air, eyes lit up like a child, absorbing these glorious sights, and the smells of spring.

There's a lane way out the back of where I work, a little dead end street, and at the corner in this lane way there is a tall bench with bar stools. The thing that grabs me particularly about this spot though, is the huge speakers installed overhead.  Let me paint the picture if I may. The bench sits in front of a large, curved red-brick wall. There are no windows in the wall, which stands maybe four meters tall.  There is always rubbish on the bench, left overs from lunch, so I know it is occupied at some point during the day. It is clean in the morning en route to work.  But at the end of every day, as I trundle off up the hill to catch the bus, from these speakers you can hear War of the Worlds, or some other narrative, blaring at immense volume from these over sized speakers.

I find this fascinating. The deep voice narrative to an empty corridor, adamantly finishing his tale.

But my trip home gets even more interesting that this, as when I get to the stairs at the top of the lane way, from time to time there are one or two smokers loitering outside the building that connects to ours.The first time I saw him standing there I had to double take. I looked back a second time, like a Cheshire cat, and grinned, as standing there, outside his place of employ, taking his smoko was none other than the Rollercoaster Designer.

I see him standing there from time to time, and he looks back at me with a vague recollection of some type, but he has no idea that I am Claire, with or without the e.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Shark

I went to the Playground with work people again on this particular Thursday.  As we got there, I did the usual lap around the bar to establish the best place to sit, and what kind of talent we had in the bar this evening. As I did, I saw the most dashing man.
Now, Thursday nights in this establishment are known as Suit Night. This particular man however stood out from the crowd for a few reasons: He was rather tall. He had the most amazing eyes. He was in jeans, a t-shirt and a beanie (I have a thing for beanie-wearing men!). And this man had a smile that could light up the entire room.

As I walked past, I kept eye contact, smiled, and walked on by. As I completed my lap, my lovely Blond Girlfriend (affectionately know as Cougar 1) asked whether there was anything worthwhile around. I relayed my amazement at The Shark, and she wanted to see such a thing for herself, so she took me by the arm and off we went again, drink in hand.

As we passed by the second time (this was within the space of five minutes mind you) I made eye contact again, and grinned at him unashamedly. As I passed him by he took a hold at my arm, telling me that I didn't get to look at him like that and just keep walking. So C1 and I stopped, introduced ourselves, and settled in for a while.

My usual topic of conversation at this point is around occupation, it's an easy ice-breaker. But as soon as the question had slipped passed my lips, I immediately retracted it. He looked at me, slightly baffled. I responded with something along the lines of "I really am not fussed with what you do for a living, so long as what you do makes you happy". And that was that.

For once in my life my nonchalance paid off. He was so impressed that I didn't care about his vocation, even more so, we made a pact to talk about anything but work. And it was refreshing. It was so nice to not have someone grill me on what I do for a living, and the attitudes that usually correspond with my vocation.

We spend the rest of the night drinking and talking. I left at about 1. He kissed me goodnight and put me in a taxi.

We met up for a couple of dates after that.  We went and played some pool, drank some cider. We went for dinner at his local Thai, a nice intimate place. It was a great night. These times we went out he held my hand, kissed me every now and then, particularly when he bid me farewell. Then we went to the Botanical Gardens, hung out for a day.  It was a great laid back day. And then, as I dropped him home, he kissed me on the cheek.  Hmmm.

So, I took the hint, I backed off. But he persisted with catching up, going down to the pub and playing pool and drinking cider (favourite past time of mine thanks to The Kid). But the affection had definitely backed down to 'mates' status.  I learnt a lot about him in this time though. I learnt that he excelled to professional snooker level at the age of 9. He'd left school and played snooker his entire life.  It's all he knew. He worked a 'normal' job, but never an office job, but he loved nothing more than to hustle.

The one thing that I kept from The Shark the entire time was that I was a mum. He lived this carefree lifestyle that was so far from my life, so contrasted from everything I knew, I didn't know how to bring it into the conversation. I dropped hints, suggesting that there were parts of my life that were so different to the parts that he saw.

He liked my high energy levels, and in contrast, I loved spending time with him for his calming nature. I think we fed off each other.  After spending a chunk of time at his place, I finally invited him over for dinner. Cooked him my famous Spaghetti Bolognese. My eight year olds bike was on the front veranda when we walked into the house. He said "nice bike" and just kept walking. It wasn't until after about a half hour when he saw my five year olds reading words written on the glass door that he asked about them. I pointed out the fridge (covered in drawing and certificates from school). Then the penny dropped. He simply responded "Oh, so you're a mum". And that was it.

The amount of times now that we've spend days together drinking wine and dancing around the lounge room in the comfort and ease of each others' company still baffles me to this day. We spend time together and he never seems to want it to end, often asking if I can stay a bit longer. I can honestly say I find it hard to leave. Spending time with him is easy. But we're mates now. That's what we are, and that's what we'll be. I'm not sure what happened to get us from 'dating' to mates, I'm not even sure that we'll ever have that conversation, but what I have now is an amazing person in my life that I wouldn't trade for the world.

And it sure is nice that he's not trying to get in my pants ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Canadian

Probably one of the most uneventful dates I've ever had.

We met for a drink in North Sydney. The conversation was easy enough.
Work was what we had in common. Both working in the IT Industry gave us plenty to discuss.
We decided to kick on for dinner - at his favourite little Thai place in Kirribilli. He had obviously eaten there a lot because the wait staff who could barely speak a word of English knew him by name.  The food was great.

I dropped him back to his place, as he had walked (obviously planning on drinking a lot). He lived right in front of the Harbour Bridge, the most amazing view you'll see (which I saw from the street only).

He kissed me goodnight and we both knew that was done there and then. The most riveting thing about that man was his accent, but surely that would have worn thin!

The Pilot

One of my favourites. Even still now after the guy gives me the heebie-geebies, in hindsight, he did so well at the beginning.

The Pilot was exactly that, a domestic airline captain. Sexy. You should see the pictures in uniform.
We started over email exchange.

Pilots have to re-sit a set of exams every six months to ensure that they're still fit to fly.  He was in the middle of studying for these exams when we started our email exchange.  Therefore, he was buying himself time.
For every 'decent' email exchange that occurred, we traded a phone number digit.  This made for an intriguing banter, sparked my attention, and had me chomping at the bit.  It was creative, and kept me at arms length.  He was playing a game, he was in control, and this, to me, is incredibly attractive.
The email exchange was limited to about one per day. Some days, if a photo was emailed, then two digits would be exchanged.  It took about a week to get a phone number. Like I mentioned previously this made for an engaging liaison; a "you had me at hello" moment.

My final email to him was a sole image; a homemade cup of coffee. It scored me the last digit of his phone number. It also scored me dinner.

I picked him up from his place. He'd booked and organised dinner locally. We had a glass of wine, then headed out for dinner. The chemistry was definitely there. All the email flirting that had gone on was also there in the flesh, which was a relief.

As we walked into the restaurant - a trendy Japanese place, I saw a friend of mine who I simply adore. He was gracious, went and checked on our booking, allowing me a quick hello with this friend of mine.  

Dinner was fantastic.  He insisted on footing the bill.  The conversation was easy. I dropped him back at his place and he invited me in for a glass of red.  I obliged.  As one started to look like three, I commented that I was going to have to stop drinking as I was driving for the night. 
He (as a true gentleman would of course) offered me a bed for the night.

I (as a lady would of course) take him up on his offer.  OK, so this is NOT how a lady should act.  Had I gone home I believe things would have gone differently.  However, for a man who spends his life with stewardesses, I also never believed that this had've been a long term option. Wanted it to be, it suited my lifestyle perfectly. Someone who's away half the time. One cannot smother when one is away! He was suave, funny, kind - he ticked all the right boxes, but he also came across (probably as I do) like he does this all the time.

I stayed the night.  I slept with him, and got to somewhere between second and third base (I've never been entirely clear on this one). It was nice waking up next to him the next morning.

We went out for breakfast. Around mid morning, I called it and toddled off home.  There were no "we should do this again" or "I'll call you soon" remarks.  Nor was it uncomfortable.

We have texted, from time to time, but we've never caught up again. Do I mind? No, not really. It becomes water off a ducks back after a while.  I think, once there is a man who really catches my eye, who knocks my socks off and blows me away, that it might start to matter.  I'm still waiting for that day to happen - clearly... as I still have many a blog post to write...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Kid

I don't date younger men. At (nearly) 30, I find that - yes whilst being a broad generalisation - men mature later, therefore you're best off to date an older man.
I take this to the extreme and prefer the 32-44 bracket. Don't ask me where the number 44 came from - but 45 seems too old.

Every rule has its exception, and, every rule should be broken!

I met The Kid online.  He initiated, and insisted.  I was impressed by his perseverance.  Even when I knocked him back saying he was too young.

We met up at the pub.  I now blame him for my cider habit.  He was gorgeous. And incredibly fit. We played a couple of games of pool, then went our separate ways.

We met up again, a week or so later at The London.  We drank cider all night. He was nervous, it was sweet.
The night got messy, as it does when you go out drinking with a 23 year old.  We did a few of the bars in Balmain, until it was closing time.
It was late. I was drunk.  He was drunk-er.
We BOTH got in a cab and ended up at my place.

This ended in sex. Quick sex. Very quick sex.
Quick sex is not satisfying sex.  But sex with a 23 year old is fun, if nothing else.
The next morning, I dropped him back to his car. He was worried about me dropping him home as he was afraid his parents might ask where he'd been.

We had a fun night.  It was definitely enjoyable.  I did expect a 23 year old to have a fantastic stamina though.

When The Kid wanted to hook up again, dinner was out of the question.  For a starters, there wouldn't have been enough conversation commonality to make dinner comfortable.  Secondly: Date, or Sex. But not Sex, then Dating.
So instead of either, we flirted via text (so very 23yo of me!).

Then, one Thursday afternoon, I was off work, sitting at home in my trackies (a very good look) and got a usually flirtatious message out of the blue. So I replied with a "My place, 20 minutes". Without a word of a lie, 15 minutes later The Kid was on my doorstep.

He was smooth. He was polite. From the minute he got here he said hello, gave me a polite kiss on the lips, sat himself down and started to unlace his shoes.  I apologised for being in trackies, that I should have changed.  He asked why I would bother changing, when I was about to take them off anyway. He showed himself into my bedroom and started to take off his work clothes.

The sex was as I remembered it.  Short and sweet.
He left within a half hour of getting here. He was, again, polite about doing so, didn't waste time, wasn't rude about leaving, just got dressed, kissed me goodbye, said he hoped we could do it again soon, and went on his way.

We didn't do it again.  He moved overseas to play Rugby.  He texted me some, before he left.  He said he was hoping to catch up 'one last time' before he went.   He left on short notice though, and therefore, time unfortunately didn't permit.

Two things that I've learnt from this though, which has been reinforced since.
1. You can't do Sex, then Dating. It just doesn't work.  It confuses the excellent tension that you get pre-sex when you are dating.  You can't flip that. Everything gets all topsy-turvy.
2. Sex is fundamental. Maybe, with time, you can work things through. I'm not saying that The Kid would have been a write-off from a relationship perspective based on his bedroom performance. That's a whole separate blog right there, however, if you're going to do the whole one night stand/fuckbuddy thing - you need to be good. Not necessarily even great - but good as at least a starting point!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Safe Guy

I met The Safe Guy at The London the day that this whole 'blog came into creation.

It was lunch with the Girls, down in Balmain, and I'd been telling them the story of 39. They were laughing at my ability to find myself in all kinds of situations with men of various natures, and I was giving them a run down of the latest shenanigans. 

As we're sitting at a table in the pub, I had one of The Girls on either side of me, and we were up against a wall, looking out into the pub, watching pub-crawl groups come and go, guys with their puppies in the bar (one of the great things about The London is that it's dog friendly, this in itself is a great pick up opportunity!).

We're sitting, chatting about this and that, and over wanders a dashing looking man who introduces himself. He explains that he and his mates are having a party upstairs, but it's dull and boring, and would be so much more entertaining if we would join them.

I declined, explaining that Girlfriend's husband was on his way to pick us up. He then asks me if my husband was coming too.  Smooth.  I explained that I didn't have a husband. We chatted, phone numbers were exchanged.  We went our separate ways.

I never met up with him but he called on several occasions, and when he did, this guy had a really odd habit, one worth noting. One I would love feedback on.
Every time he called and wanted to catch up, be it for dinner, drinks, coffee, he was always insistent that I "bring a single friend".  He, too, was going to bring a friend, but a first 'date' as a random pick up, and as a double date... this was just all too complex, therefore it never happened.

What continuously perplexed me though was this:
Was it that he thought it would be more comfortable with twice the amount of people?
Did he think he was doubling the odds? i.e. maybe my mate was going to be a better option?
Was he uncomfortable about meeting up with a stranger? Although he was the one who continually pushed.
Did he think he was going to get an orgy out of it? Is that seriously even an option?
Did he think I was a potential serial killer and therefore needed witnesses?
Am I over thinking it?

Either way, I guess I'll never know now...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

39 & 36

I went out with a whole lot of work people one night. We went to the prestigious Ivy Bar.
I don't mind the Ivy, but there are five bars to choose from, but choosing the wrong one can end up with a dull evening.
The Pool Bar upstairs generally won't take people in in large groups. If you're with a couple of pretty girls, dressed nicely though, you're in without a second glance.
The place is gorgeous. The people are gorgeous. The staff are gorgeous.  It's actually quite sickening. But it's a nice bar.  The Change Rooms downstairs from the Pool Bar have little beds, sometimes curtained off...
It's an easy place to be, never pay for a drink, if you're into that kind of thing.

There were too many of us to get into the Pool Bar, and we headed to my favourite Playground instead.
This was, of course, quite conflicting for me; Play and Work, both in the same place... Play won out.

We do our lap of the bar (I'll come to explain this in the Guidelines) and settle ourselves down in my favourite spot at the bar. I am with a darling friend of mine from work at this point, a very very camp friend of mine, and we were at the bar sitting quite close together, scoping out all the decent men in the bar.

Sitting about a half dozen people up from us at the bar is a very attractive man, with a girl on each side.  He has about an inch of beer left in the bottom of his glass and he looks a tad bored. 
It's hard, here, to explain the look of these girls without sounding somewhat judgemental, because that is what I'm being - I judged them on first appearance... And the only word that comes to mind is, well, skanky... This is a bar usually full of suits, and these girls were in micro-minis with VPLs, and faux-leather... So not-pretty.

As I'm buying myself and my friend a drink, I ask the bartender to replace this mans beer. This is done, he looks over slightly confused, I raise my glass, cheers him, look away and go back to my conversation... and place a bet with my friend as to how long it's going to take him to walk over.

After five minutes, my new friend wanders over, but, seeing me sitting very closely to my male friend at the bar, stammers a "thank you for the beer", and backs away. My friend scoots off to find the rest of our colleagues, and I smile at my new friend, and explain that a girl is always safe with a gay friend at the bar.

We get to talking and he's a 39 year old man from Chicago, over here on a sabbatical.
American accents are sexy. Most would disagree, but they make me weak at the knees. I found this particularly entertaining, because I'd been message swapping with a guy from Chicago who'd been living in Sydney for a few years, over internet dating.

So I ask 39, what's a guy like him doing in a bar like this... by himself. He explains that he was with his little brother, but his brother had to go meet up with a girl on a date... You see... he's been doing this internet dating thing.

Of all the bars on all the nights in all the world... chances were I couldn't have randomly picked the one guy who's brother I'd been chatting up online.

We integrated with my work mates, got to chatting, and 39 asked if I wouldn't mind texting his brother to let him know that he was still in the bar (no mobile here in Aus). He replied saying he was five minutes away.
The second he walked into the bar I spotted him. Undeniably. What are the odds do you think?
This website boasts of over 350K+ Sydney based singles. At a half, 175,000 men, and I end up chatting up his brother?!

I said nothing. 39 introduced us.  He asked me if we'd met before, said he recognised me from somewhere (funny that). I changed the subject, asked him how his date went, and he rambled on about her being a crack-whore. Then he twigged (hopefully not from the crack-whore comment).
What was most distressing at this point, as it all unfolded there at the bar (workmates present), was the look on 39's face as the groundwork unravelled before him.  He turned around and walked away.

Little Brother aka 36, insisted that I go and sort it with 39. I took his advice, found him at the bar, and somehow managed to explain that I'd been tuning his little brother on a website. 36 left. 39 and I had a few more drinks and at about 2am it was time to leave.  I ended up back at 39's place, which actually ended up being 36's place... Hmmm.

The rest of the night was average, we were both pretty drunk and I think top of my agenda was sleep...
39 was playing golf the next morning, so we were up at 6. He got up, thinking I was still sleeping, and through the paper-thin walls I heard the following conversation:
36: How did your night end up?
39: Fun, good clean fun. Yours?
36: Quiet, I called it.
39: Oh really? We thought you brought someone home with you...
36: So, are you going to see her again? Dinner is on tonight at The Victoria Rooms. I'll write it down and you can pass it on.
(36: Exit stage left)

He brings me a glass of water. He kisses me good morning. I pretend to wake up. I mumble something about the time and having to get to work. The last thing I'm wanting right now is a dinner invite - not that I'm presuming to get one - but I don't need that kind of awkward at 6am. I get dressed whilst he's in the shower, and after he's out of the shower, say a quick goodbye and drop him my card whilst he's still in a towel.

A couple of hours later, I bounce into work only to be greeted with grins from my colleagues and expectations of stories... I try to relay what on earth went on, only to have to explain it as I have above, 39... and his brother, 36.

About a week later (after 39 had gone back to the states) I get a text message, from 36... just saying hello...

Friday, April 30, 2010


As promised - the Template - the priceless email I received that is now used as my basis for "it's not you, it's me..."

I've left this as close to the original email as possible - it's too priceless to modify.
You get the gist, and of course needs to be modified for each circumstance, but it's now a great Template, has been used for such instances as The Gardener, and soon, the Baker.


Sorry to not write to you sooner, it's been a busy wknd/week, just got back from Brissie, ha, like that's an excuse....

It's been so great to meet and get to know you, and while I'm not exactly sure what i'm looking for I have some ideas, and you're a great catch, there are so many likable qualities to you, I admire your determination, strength, hope, intelligence, sense of humour and plans for the future, you're pretty (and drive a nice car!)

I had fun meeting you and enjoyed your company, the similarities of our situations are almost unbelievable and it's tempting to catch up again..
I think though that I've not been "on the scene for long" I need to meet a few more girls before I know what I really want, try to get it right this time ;) not to mention the career choice I will have to make in the next few weeks! Bout the only thing i'm sure of is whether I'm an Arthur or Martha!

So for the time being I probably want to cool it and just see what happens
I'm not sure where you're at but wish you all the best, in case we don't catch up in the future
And who knows neighbour, might see you round the traps!

Oh yeah, Kept meaning to ask you about that tongue stud.... what's that about?
xx The Quiet One.

So there you have it - adapt at will for those of you who might find it useful - best "break up" email I've ever had ;) (considering we were hardly dating!)

The Osteo

The final of my four dates on The Weekend was with The Osteo.
We'd emailed, chatted on the phone, and I was very much looking forward to this date.

We went to Milsons Point for Brunch on the Sunday, and I ended up picking him up on the way there.  I actually like starting a date this way, as there is an instant distraction; you have to focus on driving rather than focus on your date. It does make for a great ice-breaker.

We went to Lavender Blue for brunch, they do a good brunch there, and it was lovely. He was a very handsome man, and entertaining to boot. He told stories of his flat-mates, how one of them lived off vegemite toast, how the other was needy. He was funny and witty. This appeals to me above all else.

When brunch was over he asked if I wanted to head over the road for a cheeky bevvie. It was at this point after midday, so one wouldn't hurt. I was excited at this point to discover that the Cricket had started, so we watched the game for a while whilst enjoying a nice glass of white, chatting away about the Cricket.  It was a great afternoon, laid back, easy, the way I'd choose to spend the day with any friend had I the choice.

I dropped him home and upon doing so he said that he'd really like to catch up again, that he'd enjoyed himself so much, and when I was free next.   I had two nights that week free, Monday night and Thursday night.  He responded that he knew that it wasn't following normal dating 'protocol' but that he'd love to catch up again the next night, even though it was so soon. He'd mentioned that he had a family lunch, so I suggested he see how his lunch go and touch base with me in the afternoon, but I'd definitely like to catch up again.

I heard from him the next day, later in the afternoon, and he was still with his family so I suggested maybe Thursday would suit better. He agreed.

Come Wednesday he bailed out of Thursday, saying he thought I was a great chick, that I had a lot to offer, that he'd really enjoyed the Sunday, but that he didn't want to meet up again.
I'll be honest - as that's the idea here - I was gutted. But on reflection, I'm glad he was so truthful, because meeting up a second time would have been misleading.

So, an entire weekend full of dates. Two got no further than first date. Two did, but not by much... At least it was compressed... I now understand why people do it in six minutes. I haven't tried the conventional speed-dating scene yet. But understand now why I think it's a good idea...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Gardener

I was excited about this one. We'd exchanged a few emails, chatted on the phone, and he was lovely, and most attentive.

We met at the Town Hall over a lemonade before dinner in Balmain on the Saturday of The Weekend.  I joked around with the bartender, talking whilst I waited for him, about going easy on the lemonade, but The Gardener didn't find it so funny when he got there.

Dinner was nice (see The Ambulance Chaser).
He was nice. Really nice.
Cricket was this guys life. This works well for me - I love the cricket, and good thing too, otherwise we wouldn't have had a thing to discuss. Except maybe the dog.

He was a placid fellow. Nice, oh, so nice.
He bought John Butler tickets for second date on a whim based on a random comment I made about liking a song... I couldn't make it that night, nor could I cancel the commitment I had.  He went anyway... on his own.

We did make date #2. He wouldn't eat seafood, chinese, (actually make that asian food of any type), or anything spicy. Basically, the guy lived on pasta.
We had a nice evening.
He dropped me home, even snuck in a kiss, and I remembered what it was like to have someone to come home with... but that faded as soon as it appeared as I got my keys, wished him farewell, and headed to bed.

I remember my neighbour telling me, as The Gardener has picked me up "You're going to eat him alive".  She was right, I would have.

I remember emailing him, using The Template to end it. He sent me back a sweet, but slightly broken email. I felt bad, he was so lovely, so nice.
I honestly hope he has found the woman of his dreams, she'll be a spoilt and very loved woman.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Nerd

Short and sweet.

Saturday morning of The Weekend. Went up to the local shops and had coffee with The Nerd.  Now you may think that The Nerd is an unkind Term, but alas you are wrong! It is a term of endearment when one has a nerd fetish, as I do ;)
I love technology, everything about it, what it enables us to do, all the cool shit that it does for us, what we have at our fingertips because of it.  I started my corporate life out in Tech Support. God I miss that job.

So, we had coffee. He was nervous. His pictures (online dating) were kind. We talked about BlackBerries and Servers and Technical Support. It was a HOT date...
It also lasted <30 minutes.

A couple of days later he sent me an email telling me how to fix a problem I'd never been able to resolve with my BB, very sweet of him. There was no follow up coffee, nor question of one, no spark, no flirting, nothing.

If I bumped into him again now, I'd have another coffee with him for sure. I'd stay friends with him because I did like that side of him, but I wouldn't date him, and both he and I were after someone to date. I was not about to blur that with a "lets just be friends" line.

I know I keep these posts neutral: no names, no photos, but I kinda have to break this rule here because it is so pertinent, and short of him reading this post, which is unlikely (but I suppose not impossible) I think it's harmless.
His name was Chad. Perfect.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Quiet One

So, Friday night, the first of The crazy Weekend.

I found this one online.  We'd exchanged a chunk of emails, and he'd laid good groundwork - one thing that always impresses me, this guy could make me laugh in print, we were already onto a good thing.

Here's a tip though - If you choose to do the internet dating thing, and if you choose to meet somewhere like a pub (which is a great first date by the way) make sure you've been given a clear and recent photograph!
Short of smiling at every mid-thirties man who walked through the door, which, in itself is really not such a bad idea ;) I honestly had no idea what I was looking for!
The Quiet One had posted photos which were distant, so I had to hope that he recognised me, and then in doing so, still chose to come over to the table ;)
In addition, I refuse to wear my glasses in a pub, so seeing as far as the door was useless anyway!

Thankfully, he recognised me, and, as a bonus, he was a bit of a looker at that! Amazing eyes. Crystal blue, like holiday brochures.
I got the impression that he was nervous, and very shy. We chatted, a lot about parenting. We found comfortable conversation. It was nice, easy, relaxed.
He mentioned that there was a great Japanese restaurant that his mate had told him about, just a few doors up. Asked if I was hungry.  So we headed out for dinner. We turned first date into date 1.1
I'm always wary of this extension of date option. I realise that you're supposed to leave the other person wanting. The old chasing game. I'm also not a believer in games...

I was conscious, at this point, that I had no cash in my wallet. I hate having an empty wallet.
This may come as a surprise to those of you who have read my previous posts, but I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to first dates (or first dinner dates at least). Some things should just be left the old fashioned way (I'm happy to debate this one). 
First dinner should be covered by the guy. But the girl should still offer. He should turn her down and cover it.
Post first date, if there is interest from the girl, she can insist on taking him out to dinner as she 'owes him dinner', and she must insist on paying for dinner (on the night).

So, we're walking to the Japanese, and it literally is just two or three doors up, so I politely excuse myself heading for the ATM. He stops me outside the restaurant, and says that it's ok, just come in.  I insist, explaining that I have no cash, that I'll be back in just a minute, so instead, he kisses me (!) and pulls me into the restaurant.

We eat, the conversation continued to be excellent, then the bill came. $70 for dinner. I instinctively went for my purse. Problem. $20 note. He's looking expectantly at me across the table.
This to me, at this point, seems unreasonable. I made it clear I needed cash. Fair enough, the going for the purse move was misleading, but reactive only. So I say to him: I'll get dinner next time?

As we leave, he wishes me goodnight, says he's had a great night and that he'd love to catch up again. We go our separate ways. When I got home, I sent a text saying thank you for dinner, I had a great night, would be nice to do so again.

I had a pretty hectic schedule that weekend ;) so the lack of response, whilst noticed, didn't worry me too much. But the following Tuesday, I received a response: I enjoyed dinner too, let's go for a climb one night this week?

We caught up, the following week, went climbing. I like activity-dates. Sweating like a pig, though, is not exactly how you want someone to see you if you're thinking about dating them! We had fun, and then, of course Date 2 turned into, you got it, 2.1  We did dinner afterwards. I, of course, paid for dinner. In fact, I think, in his mind, there was no question about it. There was no offer, no move towards the wallet... It was a payback dinner. 
Again, the conversation over dinner was easy, comfortable, entertaining.  When we went our separate ways, he suggested catching up that weekend.

We exchanged a few texts over the coming week. I played it very cool. Then, out of nowhere, I got the email which, from that point onwards would be referred to as The Template.

I'm actually tempted to blog the entire email, but I think it's worthy of its very own post, so I'll leave it for another day. So instead, I'll summarise:
It was a 'break up' email really, except we weren't dating, so we couldn't break up. But it was excellently written. It was effectively "it's not you, it's me", however written so well you didn't realise what was going on until you got to the end due to its cleverly crafted nature and adept flattery.
It came from out of the blue, considering the note we left on. But the thing that threw me more than anything else about this email was the skill by which it was written! There was no chance I was not plagiarising this email - hence The Template ;)

He's emailed me from time to time since then, touched base, seen how I was doing, what I was up to, filled me in on his life. He's a nice guy... Way too nice for me. 
I've adapted some of that niceness into my life now though, and as such I wonder how many people out there are using this same Template...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Speed Dating

Dating was taking up too much time.

I don't have much free time, the bits that I do are precious, so I figured it was time to try my own method of speed dating. Sort of.

So there was The Weekend.
I did dinner Friday night: The Quiet One.
Brunch Saturday morning: The Nerd.
Dinner Saturday night: The Gardener.
Lunch Sunday: The Osteo.

There were many other things that I still had to fit in around the dating regime of that weekend, but I found one thing more than anything else... I started to forget which conversations I'd had with whom. And as a result I started to keep a journal.
It is thanks to that journal that I have enough notes to write this 'blog and to have an idea of who is who, what went on when, and where I went at what point in time...

My memory is terrible at the best of times, so it's been a handy little keepsake.

You need to keep ample time between dates, incase they're great, but they can be as short as a 20 minute coffee.
Always do coffee first.
Never commit to lunch.
If coffee is great, then it can always extend into a wander through the shops, an activity (keep it clean kids!), lunch or something else, but having a time constraint for later is a good plan as it leaves you wanting. And being left wanting is great! It means that it's worth going back to.

NEVER tell them you have another date lined up afterwards... Not socially graceful.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Accountant

I did end up taking a hiatus for a while.

I think the definition of hiatus is apt - from the cambridge dictionary:
"a short pause in which nothing happens or is said, or a space where something is missing"

"Short pause" being the operative term. Four weeks out was considerable, especially reflecting on the prior 10 (or so) weeks. Ok, so I'm not even sure I could put hand to heart and say it was four... but the point is, I made an effort to take a break.

When I jumped back to it, I went on a date with the Accountant. It was Christmas Eve. An odd day for a date really. It was also the day I got my puppy, so the puppy joined us. A puppy makes for a great pick up tool. But if you're going to try this method, trust me, borrow one! (I have a really cute, energetic one up for grabs!)

The date was non-eventful, and the first of many nonchalant no follow ups (We're not including The Player here). This, I find in the dating world - particularly the online dating world - is a common theme. Drifting is easy. You can just not. (Yes that sentence is complete). So if a date is just average, then not following up seems to be ok. This annoys me, as I kinda like closure. Yup: delete, move on.

Kinda like spring cleaning.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Toy Boy

In our building there was a cafeteria. The owner of which was particularly gorgeous. One of those people who was always surrounded by gorgeous people. One of the guys he had come in to do some cover work every now and then was The Toy Boy. My goodness, this guy used to make my coffee taste SO much sweeter!

I drank more coffee on the days this guy used to work than was imaginable. It was ridiculous.

He was also about 19. Ok, so he was really 23 or so, but that's still younger than my baby brother!

At our work xmas function we went to the local Bowls club to play some afternoon bowls. Lots of fun.
The Toy Boy also happened to be there.
He also decided to come play with us.
He also decided to partner with lil ol' me.

Lil ol' me was rather pleased with this outcome. The flirting was outrageous. I'm pretty sure that I have no shame when it comes to flirting - and consequently aiming to get my way ;) I'm also pretty sure that most of the other people there noticed that too!

We ended up leaving there, heading into the city to kick on for the night, but leaving The Toy Boy behind. I retrieved his number by way of a mutual friend. Flicked a text, got an instant response.
Seems the shameless flirting paid off.

Before too long I get a call, take it, deciding to put my ageist differences behind me.
Ask this lovely young man what he's up to and if he'd like to join us.

He proceeds to tell me that he's stopped in at home to punch a few cones, that he's smashed, completely totalled, but would love to catch up...

So very appealing. (Sarcasm is hard in the written form). Funnily enough I chose to give it a miss. My stoner days are long over.

I don't think there's much more to say here. I was going to make a comment about not being judgmental, but clearly that would come across as false. I think that what it comes down to, more so, is that that lifestyle doesn't suit mine (is that an uppity way of being judgmental?).

I still see him from time to time. He's still just as gorgeous, and I'd still like to shag his brains out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I have this friend...

No really! It's not one of those stories where I'm trying to guise myself as someone else.
This friend is the one who primarily makes me ponder a lot over what makes a date a date.

In about September/October last year I was out at The Playground (Yes, shock horror I know!) with my favourite partner in crime, and we bumped into an old colleague. This colleague (we'll call him The Botox Man) had a friend with him. This friend is the man we'll refer to as "Boots".

So, The Botox Man has this amazing knack for remembering details that you wouldn't possibly think that someone would remember. For example, you may make mention 18 months ago about wanting to go on a holiday to Fiji... this guy remembers that shit and asks if ever you 'ever took that holiday to Fiji'.
Completely besides the point!

Boots however swore that he knew me from somewhere. Now, I never forget a face. Names, dates, times, sure - I'll forget those things, but a face - no way! No chance.
Even when on a blinder, I'll remember a face.

So Boots wears a wedding ring. This is a good thing. This means he's a safe, easy conversationalist with no sleazy antics... right?!
He's smart, funny, good looking, easy to talk to. No wonder the guy is married.
We sit around, chat, we work in the same speciality, so that makes the conversation even easier.

Was there chemistry? Absolutely. But this one is easy. If there is a ring on that finger, you just simply don't go there. There are no ifs, no buts. It's a clear no go zone.

After a while we trotted up to the Ivy, The Botox Man headed home. So it was just the three of us left. We danced until the wee hours, then, as civilised adults do, we went our separate ways. Perhaps suggestions were made, but the point is, regardless of the suggestions, I went home anyway.

The next morning, the strangest thing happened... I get an email from a man I'd done a series of negotiations with some 12 months earlier... claiming he'd had a great night the night before with this chick who's memory wasn't nearly as good as the boots she wore... ... ...

The emails continued over time. Light hearted, always clean, but with a hint of innuendo.
Then one day (yes yes, believe it or not) my morals got the better of me and I emailed him saying that enough was enough (the emails were usually prompted by him). He was a married man, and if I were his wife and read his emails, I'm not sure I'd be happy. So whilst there was nothing 'wrong' with anything that was sent... I'm not entirely sure it was 'right' either.
He said that I was overreacting, that I was reading into something that wasn't there, but if he was making me uncomfortable, then it was fine, he'd stop writing me.


Now, I pride myself on not being high-maintenance. At this point, I'm feeling pretty high-maintenance. So I reply, apologise for getting my wires crossed, and fair's fair.

He responds it's all cool, forget about it, we should catch up for lunch sometime.
I postpone until the point that you can't postpone anymore.

So this brings me really to something I've raised before, and hence my point. This to me is not a 'date'. It isn't a date because there was no intent (on my part) for it to be so. And I think there has to be. That said, if there is intent, does the intent have to be communicated? Surely "I'm asking you out on a date" doesn't need to be that explicit. "Would you like to have dinner with me" would imply, usually, to me anyway, that that is a date, but surely the context of the question also has to be implied.
The reason I believe this is because surely a man and a woman can catch up and have dinner together without it being interpreted as a date?
I can think of many instances where this is the case.

I've gotten no further with resolving this. Everyone I talk to has a different opinion. A lot of people say you 'just know'. But if that were the case, then either I'm naive, or it just doesn't apply in cases such as The Old Friend.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Devil

The next night.

Ok, I think we've moved on from promiscuity to general whoring at this point... (how does two one nights out in a row classify me as a hussy? It just does in my book!)

I had a shindig that I was attending and didn't know many people there, but a friend of mine lived right up the road from where it was held, so he joined me.

We'd had a random 'pash and dash' a year prior. Nothing had come of it, it was never mentioned again. There's a rule you see, you don't screw the crew! We all know this one.

We drank a lot, decided to leave my car parked at his place and I'd collect it the next morning. We drank stupidly... (Still in destructive mode remember!). I was on good behaviour, and on the prowl. The night got late. He left. Checked in with me somewhere in the early hours to ensure I was ok. (How courteous). I wasn't. I was DRunk. So, as he lived only across the road, his strong suggestion was to head to his place, and crash there, and he'd make me some food in the mean time.

How very courteous! And I was hungry, as one is at some ungodly hour after lord knows how much tequila...
So off I went, and trundled up to his place...

Now of course, being the lady I am, I graciously sat down, ate my nicely made egg sandwich with my knife and fork and slept on the couch...

or maybe not.
At least the sex (if you could call it that) was better!

We did brunch the next morning, and I didn't have to introduce myself ;)

The only thing that got me was when he realised he had a bump on his forehead half way through brunch which we were having with a friend of his). Which made me cackle hysterically. He had no recollection of how it got there. Then it dawned on him.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Rollercoaster Designer

First night out post The Player was disastrous. I was angry, hurt, bitter... and worst of all, in self-destruct mode.

So, off I go, back to the playground.

I was supposed to meet a girlfriend there. A notoriously unreliable one. I walked in, looked around, couldn't see her, walked to the bar and ordered a drink.
Now, this place called the 'meat market' for a reason. You don't stand at the bar on your own for long. It took a whole of about three seconds before I had company. Seeing as I couldn't see my girlfriend, I figured this would pass the time.

This guy was priceless. Amazingly arrogant. We bantered about how long you should wait for someone. I have an eight minute rule (for meetings) as I believe that time is precious and not to be wasted.  He believes that 'at the rate he charges' (apparently a grand an hour) he can afford to just sit around and wait.
I debated that he charged a grand an hour. He pointed out that I must not know many lawyers. I pointed out more so that if he charged that rate, he could afford a decent suit. He seemed unimpressed.

He and his mate (there were three of them, one was quiet) kept asking what I did for a living. So I told them I did handstands. It was the first thing that came to mind, and it was bugging the shit out of them, so I stuck with it.

He was a recruitment consultant.  I tried to redeem myself (on the suit comment) by telling him I was in the market for a new job.  His response: "Oh no sweety, I only do executive recruitment". Arsehole.
His mate was a real estate agent...

Then there was the third one, their other mate. He was quiet, just kept smirking. He'd listen, scoff, then look around, wander off, come back. When he did talk, he was hilarious. I asked him what he did for bread, he told me he was a rollercoaster designer. Kudos.

My girlfriend never showed, so I called it. The RD asks if I'm going home on my own. I tell him what is real: I always go home on my own. I've never had a one night stand in my life.
He asks me if I always play by the rules.
Me: not always.
Him: So lets go then.
Me: *thinking* - Screw it. Lets go.

We left and I did what I always swore I would never do. I took him home. First one night stand ever. It was terrible. What he did when he slept could not be classified as snoring... Bellowing perhaps, paint stripping, grating... I think you get the gist...

6am couldn't come soon enough. I handed him a towel, pointed out the shower and called him a cab.

And then the priceless moment came, thankfully I was expecting it:
Him: So... I don't know your name
Me: Do you need to?
Him: It would be useful.
Me: And why's that?
Him: For when I call.
Me: I think we both know that's not going to happen... It's called a 'one night stand' for a reason.
Him: So...
Me: Why don't you just make one up?
Him: Hmmm. *thinks this over* How about Clair
Me: Claire's fine.
Him: is that with or without an 'e'.
Me: If you like the e, add an e, if you don't leave it out.

So he takes my number (lord only knows why), adds it to his phone under "Clair" (he went for the sans-'e' option), and surprise surprise, never called.

I get why I don't do the one night stand thing now. It doesn't appeal to me. That said, this, unfortunately, wasn't the last...

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Player

I've put off writing this post for quite some time I've realised. Because for all the fun and frivolity that I have, for all the things I'm happy to take light heartedly and cast aside, eventually something is bound to change.
This is the pivotal point in my dating adventures... I reevaluate from here on.

It started with a cheeky email. Then we chatted online. I remember typing furiously, giggling, glass of wine in hand. Then a 'quick' phone call that lasted for hours.

I've often been baffled and frustrated by the concept of 'chemistry'. Annoyed when it is there, and often equally annoyed when it is missing. Some beautiful things could be in my life if I had the capability of flicking on a switch that would enable me to love to that degree, by choice. It frustrates me that someone else can have the 'power' to turn me into mush at a simple thought. When I'm smitten I have the incapacity to think for days on end, I become an ogre, and an excitable child at the drop of a hat. I like to deflect this aspect of my personality by saying that I'm "passionate". Rather, I'm irrational!

The first time we met started with laughter. My car has a safety feature I often forget about; it automatically locks the passenger door when I drive. I picked up The Player from his place, and was incredibly nervous. So when he was standing, for a good twenty seconds, at the passenger door, I thought perhaps he was nervous too. But rather, my car had locked him out. Upon eventual realisation, I unlocked the door, but was laughing hysterically. I’m not sure he found it as funny as I did!

We picked up coffee, took a drive down to the beach, and wandered the shores. It was a perfect evening. 28 degrees, clear night, great company, amazing views, coffee, and an amazing amount of chemistry. We carried on like kids in the shallows of the ocean til we were soaked and it was late. We giggled like children. We held hands. He even found me a perfect shell to take a piece of the night home.

I am, after all, and believe it or not, a devastatingly hopeless romantic.

I awoke the next morning to a succinct but incredibly sweet text.

Date #2 - we went for Japanese by way of the local shopping centre. We happened to pass by a pet store. We stopped to look at the puppies. He asks the lady to pull out this adorable cocker spaniel, and hands me this tiny adorable puppy. Who does that!
Dinner was great, conversation - easy. He slips the possibility of time in January for a holiday to Japan... (It's November)...

Date #3 - I'm passing by his work on the way back to my office from a City meeting, so I stop by for coffee. He proudly takes my hand, leads me into his local coffee joint and orders me coffee without consultation by me. He remembers my coffee order - sounds small, big tick on my list.

Date #4 was a fair amount of time after Date #3, although there were several emails, phone calls and IM's between. He invited me around for dinner. He picks me up at the door and carries me into his loungeroom. He pours me a glass of my favourite wine (Ref Date #2). He hands me this amazing bunch of flowers. Dinner was great, conversation fantastic, chemistry intense.

Date #5 was again almost a week post Date 4. We'd had a conversation in the interim that had ended badly so I wanted to make it up to him. (I'm a lover not a fighter.) I packed a picnic basket and picked him up. It was a warm night, so we went back to the beach. It was nice. We sat, ate, talked. Ended up back at his place and resolved the earlier argument in ways that weren't planned, but didn't take me by surprise considering the chemistry that there was between us. The sex was unfulfilling... But this is what I expect if you're going go jump into bed with someone at this early stage of getting to know them.

Two days later I had plans to have lunch with him during the day (a Wednesday). The conversation in the morning started (by him) with requests to define the perfect night in. The conversation got a little raunchy, and lunch ended up with quick and dirty sex back at his place. By the time I dropped him back to work I knew it was over.

I have never longed so badly for someone to turn their head. Watching him walk towards his office it became clearer with every step. By the time I got back to my office, he was ‘offline’, which he never was.

I left it a day.  It’s amazing how long a day can seem in the electronic world. I refused to log into gmail, but then would check it anyway. Every time my phone went off I would jump a mile. Every new email became a burden to check. I began to justify to myself all the reasons these things could happen, reiterate to myself that I was acting like an idiot. I even tried telling myself that I didn’t really like him anyway...

We’d had plans for Friday night. He had asked to join me at my brother’s function. So I touched base Friday afternoon, but he had an appointment with his personal trainer he'd ‘forgotten’ about. I’m pretty sure I drank an entire bottle of tequila that night.

The next day I get a text message asking how my night was. It caught me off guard. My reply was short. Mentioned I was at the beach (the picnic beach). He said he knew, he’d driven past and saw my car. That was the last conversation we had.

It was only three weeks. 21 odd days. A handful of dates. I felt so amazingly alive. I trusted what was presented to me as too good to be true. But worst of all was that at the end, it felt like I’d been played from the very beginning.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Lecturer

Clever one this one.
No, seriously clever. But just not that smart. If you get where I'm going with that.
We dated a bit. A fair bit. After seven dates I was getting frustrated. 

I'm laughing whilst typing recalling how badly this went from the beginning. 

First date was truly excellent. Perfect in fact. 
By third date I'm pretty sure he was trying to get me in the back seat of his car. Now I actually struggled to type that as I recall it. 
Back - seat - of - his - car. 
40 year old (him, not me, thank you very much!) This is no longer cool, nor has it been since I was 15.

Besides the back-seat incident I couldn't get the guy to lay a finger on me, to the point where I started to think that perhaps there was an issue... And yes, I was thinking that I was the issue. What was I doing wrong, did I have terribly bad breath, was I a horrid kisser, all of the things that could all be solved with the age old trick - cook him dinner, and get him drunk!
So I did! Seduction! Hadn't failed me yet.
Fed him - watered him - even led him to the bedroom, and you know what came next?!
"Time for me to leave" he says...

A week later we had pre-planned a trip interstate. This made for an interesting play considering the bedroom antics. (What bedroom antics!)

For the men in the room, let me give you a pointer right now - if you're taking a girl away, and you're sharing a room - Please Remember - THE WALLS ARE THIN. We do know what goes on in the bathroom even if we pretend we don't. Taking your iPhone with you doesn't make things any better.
Particularly three times a day for 20-30 minute sessions.

Being away, being in a studio apartment meant the end of the bedroom shyness. (Yes ladies and gentlemen, she finally gets laid!) At least I think I did.
Some of you may choose to not read the next paragraph - this is my disclaimer - don't say you weren't warned... it includes adult content!

I have a theory, perhaps I'm going down the wrong path. I've always been a believer that faking gets things over and done with quicker. Generally speaking you fake an orgasm, the man thinks he's done his job, then he is happy to get on his merry way, and we're all happy. Or, to be honest, I'm still not happy, I'm just happy it's over.
But this one was special (remember my comment about him not being smart!). This one was SO bad that my seriously unconvincing faking effort managed to convince him he'd done a good job. So he persists for a second 'orgasm'. I fake quicker. He then goes a 'third'.
At this point who's the dumb one I hear you ask? I got myself into this mess (pardon the pun). So I (seriously unconvincingly) fake one last time, and call it quits.
I'm going to save you all the pain I then went through for the following 30 seconds and will continue on my story. But believe me when I say it was a very very short story.

I have rarely met a more arrogant man. So rather than dragging you through much more pain than you've just cringed (and hopefully giggled) through with the above, let me make it simple below with a few pointers which I did end up pointing out to him a month after it ended with The Lecturer, by way of email, at his insistence:

Things never to say to a woman you're dating:

  • "You're not that clever"
  • "I need you back at the hotel room for another 'round'"
  • "Be careful. That's hot"
  • "You can take 'care' of me now"
  • "I'm done now"
  • Conversations about your ex-wife - 17 times a day.
  • Oh, and did I mention "You're not that clever!"

The Forbidden Man

There is one person that we should always be forbidden to touch.
It might be your sister's ex-boyfriend, or your best friend's brother. It might be your best mate, or your best mate's girl... You get the gist...

The point is, you don't go there. Because for some reason, whatever that reason might be, they're forbidden. The forbidden fruit. The one thing you can't have. And as we all know, we can't have everything we want. Having everything we want is bad for us... Right?!

We've been taught this for a very long time. We were taught, from kids, that we can't have everything. Even if it didn't make sense, our parents were teaching us that gluttony was bad, that everything had to come in moderation. It didn't make sense as kids, and sometimes it still doesn't make sense.

Eve. Poor Eve. She copped the raw end of the deal, we all know that! She took the Apple. But you think Adam wouldn't have given into temptation?

So, if one thing that you want, that you quite possibly know is bad for you, presented itself right there in front of you, would you take it?
I'm not talking breaking up marriages. I'm not talking cheating on husbands or wives. I'm not talking being thrown from the Garden of Eden...
Ok, for this one I might get ousted from the garden...

I have the personality that is always going to go for the Apple. I'm not going to settle for what is in reach. I strive for the next challenge, the unreachable. The impossible gain. And I enjoy the tenacity.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Old Friend

Forgive me father, for I have sinned... It has been two weeks since my last 'blog session...

In October, or there abouts, an old friend asked me to join him on a kid friendly outing. I don't remember his exact words, but the insinuation was- a group of friends, park, live music, picnic, kids.

Sounded fun, so I bundled up the kids, packed a picnic basket and off we went.

Now, there is a bit of history I suppose I should fill you in on here. This friend of mine, a single dad, has asked me out on many a date previously. I don't mean this in an egotistic manner... We've been friends a long time. But that's it, just friends. Nothing more, and no dates have ever eventuated.

So the kids and I rock up to the park, picnic baskets overflowing and there he is. Keen as mustard. So I ask, shall we pick the spot or is there already a dedicated spot for everyone somewhere else, to which I receive a vague waved arm and a mumbled response, so I follow in suit, and wander up off the hill, live music playing, watching the kids making sure they don't stray too far.

We sit, we unpack, and as the kids start to play, it dawns on me. There is no group picnic. This is a date...

The day goes smoothly, the kids have fun, the music is good, but it starts to rain. So we pack up and head our separate ways. There was lots of attempted hand holding, close-sitting, sharing of food, and other couple-y stuff that made me squirm just a little.

So my point and question is this: What makes a date a date?
When one single person asks another single person out to a place at a point in time, is it automatically a date, or is it the intentions behind the question that make it a date?
Can you trick someone into a date? Clearly yes... But is there any point!
Do the intentions of it being a date have to be made clear for it to be a date?
What if a married person (with not so innocent intentions) asks a single person out for a meal? Is that counted as a date? (We'll come to this down another day!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Ambulance Chaser

Ah, the lawyer. Really really really nice guy.
He was. And a gentleman to boot. Opened doors, paid for drinks, was very attentive, such a lovely guy. So very very nice.

This guy could give lessons on first dates.

However, I believe that once you start describing someone as 'nice', there is a problem. If 'nice' is the best descriptor you can come up with, then you have to ask yourself if there is a date #2 on the horizon. If the answer is 'yes', then it better be a damn sight better than 'nice'.

It came to a point, somewhere around this date, where I decided that I was going to pack the whole internet dating thing in. The effort required, and the time it was taking up, was just not worth the dating experience... I'm sure half these people would say the same thing about me!

The Sleazy Salesman

This will be a short entry. Similar to the first and final date I had with the Sleazy Salesman.

He offered to pick me up from work as we work in the same suburb.
We did lunch. Local Japanese.

He very much liked to talk about himself. A lot.

I got a follow up email, wishing me a happy new year, asking if I'd like lunch.
I declined.

Even thinking back about that date makes me want to type quickly to get it over and done with.
And... we're done here.

The Leo

So the second man I met off the 'net was better in some regards than the first.
I'll be brutally honest here - he was so damn sexy it would have made almost anything alright!

It was a date on very short notice, we decided to do dinner in Leichhardt. At this point he mentioned that he had no license (hmmmmm) so he'd meet me there. There was an accident, and the usual leeway that I'd left myself in timing wasn't enough, so I called to tell him I was - shamefully - running late.  [Without digressing here - late, to a first date, is a completely shameful act!]
He took no issue with this and instead recommended that I meet him at his place then we could wander over the road and have a drink before dinner.

At this point, I was in no position to argue... But should have.
He gave me his address, I met him at his place, he invited me in. Did I mention that this man was incredibly sexy?

He was renovating an old terrace in Leichhardt... surely it couldn't hurt to take a look right? (sexy man who renovates) He offered me a glass of wine...
Then he offered me drugs...
Then he offered me sex...

I think I actually laughed the first time he made his suggestions. More than anything because it caught me by surprise. I think because the way he looked (did I mention he was just a little bit sexy?) and his strong persona, he was used to getting his way.
Well let me tell you, he wasn't happy when he didn't!

He persisted. I resisted. (so maybe I shake my head now!) and it was time for me to leave...

It makes me wonder though, are the beautiful people of this world so used to getting their way that they can break all the usual rules of engagement? Because if that is the case, then I'm content being just lil ol' me, because I love the game, I love the chase, I love the rollercoaster ride that comes with it (OK, so maybe not ALL of it!)

When it all becomes that easy, then what is the point?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Faker

I think the first time you meet someone 'IRL' you have no idea what to expect. This guys sure as hell didn't make the process pleasant.

He was what I think gives online dating a bad name:

  • His photographs had to have been at least eight years old. 
  • He'd gained at least 10kg. (hey, if the shoe was on the other foot?!)
  • Although he was 'separated' his wife was still cooking him dinner every night.
  • He propositioned a local hotel room and 'mutual benefits' (see point three above).
  • He ended the 'date' with "I paid for the email, you don't mind getting the coffee." (notice the lack of question mark).
I did get a follow up email, text and, oh, Christmas card - signed by his secretary (unique I thought), however that one didn't get to second date...

Répondez s'il vous plaît

I'm thinking at this point that there must be a new way to meet men.
I won't date friends' friends, as I've had my friends date my friends before, and being the middle man (so to speak), particularly when things don't go so well, is never fun. Mind you, same can be said of when they're going swimmingly...

Bars, colleagues, Salsa: No. So, I decided upon recommendation from a girlfriend who swears by the success of online dating, to give it a go; three week minimum.

Week one was a disaster, it was as I'd expected. It was what gives 'internet dating' a bad name.
Week two improved, I think you learn how to filter out the 'crap' with time.
Week three it actually became kinda fun, I started to actually 'meet' interesting people.

Internet dating is like shopping from a catalogue for men. You get all kinds of specifications that you'd like and you can modify your search criteria from height, body type, to eye colour and even star sign!
Don't pretend you're not doing it if you are. It is what it is... It's amazing what people will discuss with you when you're honest. So many of my people have told me stories since I've told them I am 'online'. In addition - you see people you know online, which means they see you too :)

What I have learnt from it is this, it's just like the real world - people lie.
But pessimism aside... I have learnt that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they communicate electronically (this says a lot coming from a woman who 'blogs - Of Many Men!)
After you exchange emails/chat for a while, next comes the phone calls, and then the first coffee.

NEVER make the mistake of a meal before a coffee... It's hard to cut a meal short. Coffee can be as quick as 20 minutes! Once you've ordered a meal it's pretty hard to leave (not impossible mind you!)
(Always pay for the first coffee - $6 is a surefire way to walk away owing nothing!)
Second date is a clarification on first date impressions.
But... to get past second date, you have to be pretty damn impressive...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Coffee Buddy

Coffee buddies are just that... coffee buddies...

This one had smooth moves; left a note on the windshield of my car with a phone number and a promise of much whiskey (I am, in hindsight, seeing a trend with men who are putting the forward moves back on me!)
But it worked, I agreed to a drink. Even offered to pick him up, curious as to whether he would accept. He did... He picked the pub, a Balmain (not the good side of Balmain) hotspot.

We started the night with him picking the 'best table in the pub', that being the one that you could see the most sports coverage on. I'm fine with the odd game of sport on tele (I'll even pick the spot where I can watch the cricket from!) but there has to be a point on a first date where you draw the line...

We ate, good food, courtesy of yours truly. And I swear, this man has never brushed his teeth in his life - a focal point hard to move past... It's one of those things that you notice, and once you have, it's ALL you notice. There is a good five years of plaque sitting on those teeth... mmmmm.

Casually running into a table of his mates was the next alarm.

I called it a night, dropped him home (surprisingly he didn't opt to stay out with his mates) and was asked if we could do it again the next night...

Something I've learnt... If you want to impress the girl on a first date, there are simple, slightly old fashioned antics that will help. Offer to pick her up, or meet her there... Don't spend all night watching, or talking about, sport... Show some interest! At least offer to get the bill. If she lets you, fine, but surely she will get the second date. If not, then I believe she's setting a standard for how a 'relationship' would be anyway. We live in a modern society boys and girls.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Frenchman

I've always wanted to meet someone on a plane. Sounds like it would make a good story.
Instead you always end up sitting next to the smelly snorers... And I've done a plenty of travel for work in my time.

On one of my many trips back from Melbourne, I will outright admit, I was patiently yet subtly checking out the oncoming passengers, hoping for my luck to change. And along comes my usual candidate of neighbour. Large, loud businessman. As he steps into the seat, his colleague steps out from behind him, and it's my lucky day...

Not only is he French, and gorgeous, but I already have this guys number... literally.
He's one of the charmers from my Salsa class. So my neighbour kindly offers to trade seats, and it was the quickest flight back from Melbourne ever!

So we did a date. Coogee. Coffee. Pizza. It was easy, nice. We talked, held hands. Cute really.
I dropped him home and we agreed to do it again.

Second date, he cooked me dinner at his place - I cringe just remembering. Gorgeous little apartment in Pyrmont. Mood music, fresh fish from the markets, candles... He even remembered my favourite bottle of wine mentioned on date one!

Arrived at 7:30, and he serves 'nibbles'. Starts talking about cooking at 9pm. Starts cooking at 9:30. Serves dinner at 10:15. Then he starts talking about dessert somewhere around 11pm...
Strawberries, cream, cheeses, biscuits, more wine at 11PM! And light hearted conversation to go along with it, plans of the future, re-marrying, more children.

Exit stage left!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Fairy

On a random night in August I went, with another of my fave girlfriends, to a bar I like to refer to as "The Playground". It was the night she met a man who would be known for a long time as the Silver Fox. We were sitting at the bar when the bartender asked what I was drinking. This baffled me at first, until I realised that the nice tall man across the bar was wearing a rather large smile.

Buying a drink across the bar. A nice move. Non-confrontational, and puts the follow up on the other person (a trick that would be replayed in later days ;)

After having my girlfriend check him out for me (alas no glasses that night) and make sure I wasn't making a seriously bad move, I trotted off around the bar in search of the tall sexy man who'd bought me a drink.
I found him, sitting quietly, waiting. (Oh, so smooth).

I remember the first conversation quite clearly, as he was heaven. Melbourne based (tick: remember The Glassy - can't stalk from Melbourne!), Daddy (tick!), English (tick: hello accent!).

After putting my gorgeous girlfriend in a cab, and making sure the Silver Fox wasn't going to follow her home, I offered The Fairy a lift.
You know those days where the radio station is really kind and plays all the best tracks, back to back, and you could drive forever? We picked up take away coffee from Krispy Kreme (It must have been nigh on 2-3am) and drove. Hit the beach. Walked and talked.

In a way, it was stupid. Here's a stranger who could have left me for dead on Cronulla beach, taken the Audi and no one would have ever known... *shudders at the thought*

He went back to Melbourne. I travelled a lot for work last year, so I still saw him. He came to Sydney occasionally... We still talk. All over a drink across the bar ;)


I caught up for lunch yesterday with two of my favourite girlfriends, one who is married, and one who is to be married this year. We hit the streets of Balmain for lunch, did a spot of shopping, and topped it off with bevvies at the fantastic London Hotel.

Over lunch, we were discussing my promiscuity of late, my many dates. Time was spent telling the stories (oh the stories) of my dating adventures. We discussed the differences between general whoring (i.e. sex with many men) and, in my opinion, promiscuity - "involving indiscriminate mingling or association" - with many men.

The girls joked about my journal, which would be found one day on the shelves of bookstores with many stories of many dates from myself - of many men.

I woke up at 4:17 this morning needing a glass water. I decided at that point that I was going to 'blog this. If for nothing else, then for The Girls to keep up with the entertainment of the stories such as 39 and Claire, and many others that will unfold...

I got hooked on a blog at the end of last year, by a man called Sam de Brito. I blame him for this crazy idea :) and The Girls. 

The Glassy

In the words of Joss Stone... I fell in love with a boy. But that boy was crazy. Not like the fun kinda crazy. More like the kind of crazy you just don't want in your life... The kind of crazy that doesn't go away...

That was December '08 - February '09. Well, before he finally went away it was probably June.

There was nothing for a while... A well needed hiatus from the world of boys. And then the adventures began. I didn't see it that way at first, it was more a rollercoaster ride... Now I look back at the stories I have to tell and now I tell them.