Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Speed Dating

Dating was taking up too much time.

I don't have much free time, the bits that I do are precious, so I figured it was time to try my own method of speed dating. Sort of.

So there was The Weekend.
I did dinner Friday night: The Quiet One.
Brunch Saturday morning: The Nerd.
Dinner Saturday night: The Gardener.
Lunch Sunday: The Osteo.

There were many other things that I still had to fit in around the dating regime of that weekend, but I found one thing more than anything else... I started to forget which conversations I'd had with whom. And as a result I started to keep a journal.
It is thanks to that journal that I have enough notes to write this 'blog and to have an idea of who is who, what went on when, and where I went at what point in time...

My memory is terrible at the best of times, so it's been a handy little keepsake.

You need to keep ample time between dates, incase they're great, but they can be as short as a 20 minute coffee.
Always do coffee first.
Never commit to lunch.
If coffee is great, then it can always extend into a wander through the shops, an activity (keep it clean kids!), lunch or something else, but having a time constraint for later is a good plan as it leaves you wanting. And being left wanting is great! It means that it's worth going back to.

NEVER tell them you have another date lined up afterwards... Not socially graceful.

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  1. This is so going to be one of those rom-coms (or emotional drama depending on how you do the screenplay) with the current 'it' girl as the lead actor.
    Love your work.