Monday, January 25, 2010

The Faker

I think the first time you meet someone 'IRL' you have no idea what to expect. This guys sure as hell didn't make the process pleasant.

He was what I think gives online dating a bad name:

  • His photographs had to have been at least eight years old. 
  • He'd gained at least 10kg. (hey, if the shoe was on the other foot?!)
  • Although he was 'separated' his wife was still cooking him dinner every night.
  • He propositioned a local hotel room and 'mutual benefits' (see point three above).
  • He ended the 'date' with "I paid for the email, you don't mind getting the coffee." (notice the lack of question mark).
I did get a follow up email, text and, oh, Christmas card - signed by his secretary (unique I thought), however that one didn't get to second date...


  1. hehehe you paid for the email. What a cheapskate!! Jes, you have really cheered me up with these ones!!
    oh, I linked you from my blog too ;)