Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Safe Guy

I met The Safe Guy at The London the day that this whole 'blog came into creation.

It was lunch with the Girls, down in Balmain, and I'd been telling them the story of 39. They were laughing at my ability to find myself in all kinds of situations with men of various natures, and I was giving them a run down of the latest shenanigans. 

As we're sitting at a table in the pub, I had one of The Girls on either side of me, and we were up against a wall, looking out into the pub, watching pub-crawl groups come and go, guys with their puppies in the bar (one of the great things about The London is that it's dog friendly, this in itself is a great pick up opportunity!).

We're sitting, chatting about this and that, and over wanders a dashing looking man who introduces himself. He explains that he and his mates are having a party upstairs, but it's dull and boring, and would be so much more entertaining if we would join them.

I declined, explaining that Girlfriend's husband was on his way to pick us up. He then asks me if my husband was coming too.  Smooth.  I explained that I didn't have a husband. We chatted, phone numbers were exchanged.  We went our separate ways.

I never met up with him but he called on several occasions, and when he did, this guy had a really odd habit, one worth noting. One I would love feedback on.
Every time he called and wanted to catch up, be it for dinner, drinks, coffee, he was always insistent that I "bring a single friend".  He, too, was going to bring a friend, but a first 'date' as a random pick up, and as a double date... this was just all too complex, therefore it never happened.

What continuously perplexed me though was this:
Was it that he thought it would be more comfortable with twice the amount of people?
Did he think he was doubling the odds? i.e. maybe my mate was going to be a better option?
Was he uncomfortable about meeting up with a stranger? Although he was the one who continually pushed.
Did he think he was going to get an orgy out of it? Is that seriously even an option?
Did he think I was a potential serial killer and therefore needed witnesses?
Am I over thinking it?

Either way, I guess I'll never know now...

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  1. For starters, you should have said something like "Sure, I can bring him! He'll be so excited!"

    Dunno about this one: for me, it has shades of The Old Friend all over it. It must be to put you at more ease, though the stipulation that your friend be single seems weird.

    Or maybe he had an annoying loser best buddy he was trying to help out?