Friday, April 30, 2010

The Osteo

The final of my four dates on The Weekend was with The Osteo.
We'd emailed, chatted on the phone, and I was very much looking forward to this date.

We went to Milsons Point for Brunch on the Sunday, and I ended up picking him up on the way there.  I actually like starting a date this way, as there is an instant distraction; you have to focus on driving rather than focus on your date. It does make for a great ice-breaker.

We went to Lavender Blue for brunch, they do a good brunch there, and it was lovely. He was a very handsome man, and entertaining to boot. He told stories of his flat-mates, how one of them lived off vegemite toast, how the other was needy. He was funny and witty. This appeals to me above all else.

When brunch was over he asked if I wanted to head over the road for a cheeky bevvie. It was at this point after midday, so one wouldn't hurt. I was excited at this point to discover that the Cricket had started, so we watched the game for a while whilst enjoying a nice glass of white, chatting away about the Cricket.  It was a great afternoon, laid back, easy, the way I'd choose to spend the day with any friend had I the choice.

I dropped him home and upon doing so he said that he'd really like to catch up again, that he'd enjoyed himself so much, and when I was free next.   I had two nights that week free, Monday night and Thursday night.  He responded that he knew that it wasn't following normal dating 'protocol' but that he'd love to catch up again the next night, even though it was so soon. He'd mentioned that he had a family lunch, so I suggested he see how his lunch go and touch base with me in the afternoon, but I'd definitely like to catch up again.

I heard from him the next day, later in the afternoon, and he was still with his family so I suggested maybe Thursday would suit better. He agreed.

Come Wednesday he bailed out of Thursday, saying he thought I was a great chick, that I had a lot to offer, that he'd really enjoyed the Sunday, but that he didn't want to meet up again.
I'll be honest - as that's the idea here - I was gutted. But on reflection, I'm glad he was so truthful, because meeting up a second time would have been misleading.

So, an entire weekend full of dates. Two got no further than first date. Two did, but not by much... At least it was compressed... I now understand why people do it in six minutes. I haven't tried the conventional speed-dating scene yet. But understand now why I think it's a good idea...

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