Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Fairy

On a random night in August I went, with another of my fave girlfriends, to a bar I like to refer to as "The Playground". It was the night she met a man who would be known for a long time as the Silver Fox. We were sitting at the bar when the bartender asked what I was drinking. This baffled me at first, until I realised that the nice tall man across the bar was wearing a rather large smile.

Buying a drink across the bar. A nice move. Non-confrontational, and puts the follow up on the other person (a trick that would be replayed in later days ;)

After having my girlfriend check him out for me (alas no glasses that night) and make sure I wasn't making a seriously bad move, I trotted off around the bar in search of the tall sexy man who'd bought me a drink.
I found him, sitting quietly, waiting. (Oh, so smooth).

I remember the first conversation quite clearly, as he was heaven. Melbourne based (tick: remember The Glassy - can't stalk from Melbourne!), Daddy (tick!), English (tick: hello accent!).

After putting my gorgeous girlfriend in a cab, and making sure the Silver Fox wasn't going to follow her home, I offered The Fairy a lift.
You know those days where the radio station is really kind and plays all the best tracks, back to back, and you could drive forever? We picked up take away coffee from Krispy Kreme (It must have been nigh on 2-3am) and drove. Hit the beach. Walked and talked.

In a way, it was stupid. Here's a stranger who could have left me for dead on Cronulla beach, taken the Audi and no one would have ever known... *shudders at the thought*

He went back to Melbourne. I travelled a lot for work last year, so I still saw him. He came to Sydney occasionally... We still talk. All over a drink across the bar ;)

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