Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Forbidden Man

There is one person that we should always be forbidden to touch.
It might be your sister's ex-boyfriend, or your best friend's brother. It might be your best mate, or your best mate's girl... You get the gist...

The point is, you don't go there. Because for some reason, whatever that reason might be, they're forbidden. The forbidden fruit. The one thing you can't have. And as we all know, we can't have everything we want. Having everything we want is bad for us... Right?!

We've been taught this for a very long time. We were taught, from kids, that we can't have everything. Even if it didn't make sense, our parents were teaching us that gluttony was bad, that everything had to come in moderation. It didn't make sense as kids, and sometimes it still doesn't make sense.

Eve. Poor Eve. She copped the raw end of the deal, we all know that! She took the Apple. But you think Adam wouldn't have given into temptation?

So, if one thing that you want, that you quite possibly know is bad for you, presented itself right there in front of you, would you take it?
I'm not talking breaking up marriages. I'm not talking cheating on husbands or wives. I'm not talking being thrown from the Garden of Eden...
Ok, for this one I might get ousted from the garden...

I have the personality that is always going to go for the Apple. I'm not going to settle for what is in reach. I strive for the next challenge, the unreachable. The impossible gain. And I enjoy the tenacity.

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