Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Accountant

I did end up taking a hiatus for a while.

I think the definition of hiatus is apt - from the cambridge dictionary:
"a short pause in which nothing happens or is said, or a space where something is missing"

"Short pause" being the operative term. Four weeks out was considerable, especially reflecting on the prior 10 (or so) weeks. Ok, so I'm not even sure I could put hand to heart and say it was four... but the point is, I made an effort to take a break.

When I jumped back to it, I went on a date with the Accountant. It was Christmas Eve. An odd day for a date really. It was also the day I got my puppy, so the puppy joined us. A puppy makes for a great pick up tool. But if you're going to try this method, trust me, borrow one! (I have a really cute, energetic one up for grabs!)

The date was non-eventful, and the first of many nonchalant no follow ups (We're not including The Player here). This, I find in the dating world - particularly the online dating world - is a common theme. Drifting is easy. You can just not. (Yes that sentence is complete). So if a date is just average, then not following up seems to be ok. This annoys me, as I kinda like closure. Yup: delete, move on.

Kinda like spring cleaning.

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