Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Kid

I don't date younger men. At (nearly) 30, I find that - yes whilst being a broad generalisation - men mature later, therefore you're best off to date an older man.
I take this to the extreme and prefer the 32-44 bracket. Don't ask me where the number 44 came from - but 45 seems too old.

Every rule has its exception, and, every rule should be broken!

I met The Kid online.  He initiated, and insisted.  I was impressed by his perseverance.  Even when I knocked him back saying he was too young.

We met up at the pub.  I now blame him for my cider habit.  He was gorgeous. And incredibly fit. We played a couple of games of pool, then went our separate ways.

We met up again, a week or so later at The London.  We drank cider all night. He was nervous, it was sweet.
The night got messy, as it does when you go out drinking with a 23 year old.  We did a few of the bars in Balmain, until it was closing time.
It was late. I was drunk.  He was drunk-er.
We BOTH got in a cab and ended up at my place.

This ended in sex. Quick sex. Very quick sex.
Quick sex is not satisfying sex.  But sex with a 23 year old is fun, if nothing else.
The next morning, I dropped him back to his car. He was worried about me dropping him home as he was afraid his parents might ask where he'd been.

We had a fun night.  It was definitely enjoyable.  I did expect a 23 year old to have a fantastic stamina though.

When The Kid wanted to hook up again, dinner was out of the question.  For a starters, there wouldn't have been enough conversation commonality to make dinner comfortable.  Secondly: Date, or Sex. But not Sex, then Dating.
So instead of either, we flirted via text (so very 23yo of me!).

Then, one Thursday afternoon, I was off work, sitting at home in my trackies (a very good look) and got a usually flirtatious message out of the blue. So I replied with a "My place, 20 minutes". Without a word of a lie, 15 minutes later The Kid was on my doorstep.

He was smooth. He was polite. From the minute he got here he said hello, gave me a polite kiss on the lips, sat himself down and started to unlace his shoes.  I apologised for being in trackies, that I should have changed.  He asked why I would bother changing, when I was about to take them off anyway. He showed himself into my bedroom and started to take off his work clothes.

The sex was as I remembered it.  Short and sweet.
He left within a half hour of getting here. He was, again, polite about doing so, didn't waste time, wasn't rude about leaving, just got dressed, kissed me goodbye, said he hoped we could do it again soon, and went on his way.

We didn't do it again.  He moved overseas to play Rugby.  He texted me some, before he left.  He said he was hoping to catch up 'one last time' before he went.   He left on short notice though, and therefore, time unfortunately didn't permit.

Two things that I've learnt from this though, which has been reinforced since.
1. You can't do Sex, then Dating. It just doesn't work.  It confuses the excellent tension that you get pre-sex when you are dating.  You can't flip that. Everything gets all topsy-turvy.
2. Sex is fundamental. Maybe, with time, you can work things through. I'm not saying that The Kid would have been a write-off from a relationship perspective based on his bedroom performance. That's a whole separate blog right there, however, if you're going to do the whole one night stand/fuckbuddy thing - you need to be good. Not necessarily even great - but good as at least a starting point!

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