Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Pilot

One of my favourites. Even still now after the guy gives me the heebie-geebies, in hindsight, he did so well at the beginning.

The Pilot was exactly that, a domestic airline captain. Sexy. You should see the pictures in uniform.
We started over email exchange.

Pilots have to re-sit a set of exams every six months to ensure that they're still fit to fly.  He was in the middle of studying for these exams when we started our email exchange.  Therefore, he was buying himself time.
For every 'decent' email exchange that occurred, we traded a phone number digit.  This made for an intriguing banter, sparked my attention, and had me chomping at the bit.  It was creative, and kept me at arms length.  He was playing a game, he was in control, and this, to me, is incredibly attractive.
The email exchange was limited to about one per day. Some days, if a photo was emailed, then two digits would be exchanged.  It took about a week to get a phone number. Like I mentioned previously this made for an engaging liaison; a "you had me at hello" moment.

My final email to him was a sole image; a homemade cup of coffee. It scored me the last digit of his phone number. It also scored me dinner.

I picked him up from his place. He'd booked and organised dinner locally. We had a glass of wine, then headed out for dinner. The chemistry was definitely there. All the email flirting that had gone on was also there in the flesh, which was a relief.

As we walked into the restaurant - a trendy Japanese place, I saw a friend of mine who I simply adore. He was gracious, went and checked on our booking, allowing me a quick hello with this friend of mine.  

Dinner was fantastic.  He insisted on footing the bill.  The conversation was easy. I dropped him back at his place and he invited me in for a glass of red.  I obliged.  As one started to look like three, I commented that I was going to have to stop drinking as I was driving for the night. 
He (as a true gentleman would of course) offered me a bed for the night.

I (as a lady would of course) take him up on his offer.  OK, so this is NOT how a lady should act.  Had I gone home I believe things would have gone differently.  However, for a man who spends his life with stewardesses, I also never believed that this had've been a long term option. Wanted it to be, it suited my lifestyle perfectly. Someone who's away half the time. One cannot smother when one is away! He was suave, funny, kind - he ticked all the right boxes, but he also came across (probably as I do) like he does this all the time.

I stayed the night.  I slept with him, and got to somewhere between second and third base (I've never been entirely clear on this one). It was nice waking up next to him the next morning.

We went out for breakfast. Around mid morning, I called it and toddled off home.  There were no "we should do this again" or "I'll call you soon" remarks.  Nor was it uncomfortable.

We have texted, from time to time, but we've never caught up again. Do I mind? No, not really. It becomes water off a ducks back after a while.  I think, once there is a man who really catches my eye, who knocks my socks off and blows me away, that it might start to matter.  I'm still waiting for that day to happen - clearly... as I still have many a blog post to write...

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  1. @EasyNowTiger just made a very good point - Why does he give me the Heebie-Geebies?

    I still get the occasional text - I call this leaving your options open. And it's always "sweetie" this and "honey" that. This bothers me. I have a name - and whilst none of you know what that is, HE does. He should use it, common courtesy.

    More than anything else, I'm not that sweet ;)