Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Devil

The next night.

Ok, I think we've moved on from promiscuity to general whoring at this point... (how does two one nights out in a row classify me as a hussy? It just does in my book!)

I had a shindig that I was attending and didn't know many people there, but a friend of mine lived right up the road from where it was held, so he joined me.

We'd had a random 'pash and dash' a year prior. Nothing had come of it, it was never mentioned again. There's a rule you see, you don't screw the crew! We all know this one.

We drank a lot, decided to leave my car parked at his place and I'd collect it the next morning. We drank stupidly... (Still in destructive mode remember!). I was on good behaviour, and on the prowl. The night got late. He left. Checked in with me somewhere in the early hours to ensure I was ok. (How courteous). I wasn't. I was DRunk. So, as he lived only across the road, his strong suggestion was to head to his place, and crash there, and he'd make me some food in the mean time.

How very courteous! And I was hungry, as one is at some ungodly hour after lord knows how much tequila...
So off I went, and trundled up to his place...

Now of course, being the lady I am, I graciously sat down, ate my nicely made egg sandwich with my knife and fork and slept on the couch...

or maybe not.
At least the sex (if you could call it that) was better!

We did brunch the next morning, and I didn't have to introduce myself ;)

The only thing that got me was when he realised he had a bump on his forehead half way through brunch which we were having with a friend of his). Which made me cackle hysterically. He had no recollection of how it got there. Then it dawned on him.

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