Friday, April 30, 2010


As promised - the Template - the priceless email I received that is now used as my basis for "it's not you, it's me..."

I've left this as close to the original email as possible - it's too priceless to modify.
You get the gist, and of course needs to be modified for each circumstance, but it's now a great Template, has been used for such instances as The Gardener, and soon, the Baker.


Sorry to not write to you sooner, it's been a busy wknd/week, just got back from Brissie, ha, like that's an excuse....

It's been so great to meet and get to know you, and while I'm not exactly sure what i'm looking for I have some ideas, and you're a great catch, there are so many likable qualities to you, I admire your determination, strength, hope, intelligence, sense of humour and plans for the future, you're pretty (and drive a nice car!)

I had fun meeting you and enjoyed your company, the similarities of our situations are almost unbelievable and it's tempting to catch up again..
I think though that I've not been "on the scene for long" I need to meet a few more girls before I know what I really want, try to get it right this time ;) not to mention the career choice I will have to make in the next few weeks! Bout the only thing i'm sure of is whether I'm an Arthur or Martha!

So for the time being I probably want to cool it and just see what happens
I'm not sure where you're at but wish you all the best, in case we don't catch up in the future
And who knows neighbour, might see you round the traps!

Oh yeah, Kept meaning to ask you about that tongue stud.... what's that about?
xx The Quiet One.

So there you have it - adapt at will for those of you who might find it useful - best "break up" email I've ever had ;) (considering we were hardly dating!)

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  1. Awesome. I'll have to get a mistress just so I can use this.

    The acceptance of faceless communication is both a blessing and a curse, isn't it? Ten years ago that would be the height of rudeness and extreme cowardice. These days it is almost expected that all non-face to face is via IM and email.

    LOL, thanks for finally posting, great stuff.