Sunday, January 17, 2010


I caught up for lunch yesterday with two of my favourite girlfriends, one who is married, and one who is to be married this year. We hit the streets of Balmain for lunch, did a spot of shopping, and topped it off with bevvies at the fantastic London Hotel.

Over lunch, we were discussing my promiscuity of late, my many dates. Time was spent telling the stories (oh the stories) of my dating adventures. We discussed the differences between general whoring (i.e. sex with many men) and, in my opinion, promiscuity - "involving indiscriminate mingling or association" - with many men.

The girls joked about my journal, which would be found one day on the shelves of bookstores with many stories of many dates from myself - of many men.

I woke up at 4:17 this morning needing a glass water. I decided at that point that I was going to 'blog this. If for nothing else, then for The Girls to keep up with the entertainment of the stories such as 39 and Claire, and many others that will unfold...

I got hooked on a blog at the end of last year, by a man called Sam de Brito. I blame him for this crazy idea :) and The Girls. 


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and do look forward to the next if, in addition to said book on bookshelf, there was to be a movie of your life and your recent adventures, who would you like to play you in said movie?

    Billie Piper perhaps... ;)

    As you were....

  2. My dear, I look forward to reading each and every post!