Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Leo

So the second man I met off the 'net was better in some regards than the first.
I'll be brutally honest here - he was so damn sexy it would have made almost anything alright!

It was a date on very short notice, we decided to do dinner in Leichhardt. At this point he mentioned that he had no license (hmmmmm) so he'd meet me there. There was an accident, and the usual leeway that I'd left myself in timing wasn't enough, so I called to tell him I was - shamefully - running late.  [Without digressing here - late, to a first date, is a completely shameful act!]
He took no issue with this and instead recommended that I meet him at his place then we could wander over the road and have a drink before dinner.

At this point, I was in no position to argue... But should have.
He gave me his address, I met him at his place, he invited me in. Did I mention that this man was incredibly sexy?

He was renovating an old terrace in Leichhardt... surely it couldn't hurt to take a look right? (sexy man who renovates) He offered me a glass of wine...
Then he offered me drugs...
Then he offered me sex...

I think I actually laughed the first time he made his suggestions. More than anything because it caught me by surprise. I think because the way he looked (did I mention he was just a little bit sexy?) and his strong persona, he was used to getting his way.
Well let me tell you, he wasn't happy when he didn't!

He persisted. I resisted. (so maybe I shake my head now!) and it was time for me to leave...

It makes me wonder though, are the beautiful people of this world so used to getting their way that they can break all the usual rules of engagement? Because if that is the case, then I'm content being just lil ol' me, because I love the game, I love the chase, I love the rollercoaster ride that comes with it (OK, so maybe not ALL of it!)

When it all becomes that easy, then what is the point?

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