Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Coffee Buddy

Coffee buddies are just that... coffee buddies...

This one had smooth moves; left a note on the windshield of my car with a phone number and a promise of much whiskey (I am, in hindsight, seeing a trend with men who are putting the forward moves back on me!)
But it worked, I agreed to a drink. Even offered to pick him up, curious as to whether he would accept. He did... He picked the pub, a Balmain (not the good side of Balmain) hotspot.

We started the night with him picking the 'best table in the pub', that being the one that you could see the most sports coverage on. I'm fine with the odd game of sport on tele (I'll even pick the spot where I can watch the cricket from!) but there has to be a point on a first date where you draw the line...

We ate, good food, courtesy of yours truly. And I swear, this man has never brushed his teeth in his life - a focal point hard to move past... It's one of those things that you notice, and once you have, it's ALL you notice. There is a good five years of plaque sitting on those teeth... mmmmm.

Casually running into a table of his mates was the next alarm.

I called it a night, dropped him home (surprisingly he didn't opt to stay out with his mates) and was asked if we could do it again the next night...

Something I've learnt... If you want to impress the girl on a first date, there are simple, slightly old fashioned antics that will help. Offer to pick her up, or meet her there... Don't spend all night watching, or talking about, sport... Show some interest! At least offer to get the bill. If she lets you, fine, but surely she will get the second date. If not, then I believe she's setting a standard for how a 'relationship' would be anyway. We live in a modern society boys and girls.

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