Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Nerd

Short and sweet.

Saturday morning of The Weekend. Went up to the local shops and had coffee with The Nerd.  Now you may think that The Nerd is an unkind Term, but alas you are wrong! It is a term of endearment when one has a nerd fetish, as I do ;)
I love technology, everything about it, what it enables us to do, all the cool shit that it does for us, what we have at our fingertips because of it.  I started my corporate life out in Tech Support. God I miss that job.

So, we had coffee. He was nervous. His pictures (online dating) were kind. We talked about BlackBerries and Servers and Technical Support. It was a HOT date...
It also lasted <30 minutes.

A couple of days later he sent me an email telling me how to fix a problem I'd never been able to resolve with my BB, very sweet of him. There was no follow up coffee, nor question of one, no spark, no flirting, nothing.

If I bumped into him again now, I'd have another coffee with him for sure. I'd stay friends with him because I did like that side of him, but I wouldn't date him, and both he and I were after someone to date. I was not about to blur that with a "lets just be friends" line.

I know I keep these posts neutral: no names, no photos, but I kinda have to break this rule here because it is so pertinent, and short of him reading this post, which is unlikely (but I suppose not impossible) I think it's harmless.
His name was Chad. Perfect.

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